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a huevo "fuck yeah"
a toda madre amazing
abadesa pimp madame
acostarse con rosamaria to smoke marijuana
ahorita right now
andar con mal tapon to be constipated to be uptight
andar pedo to be drunk
antes de que el gallo cante in a jiffy
aquí me tienes, yéndome this is me leaving
araña spider female pubic area
ay ay ay exclamation of pain or surprise
ay joven! immature
baboso dumb stupid
ballena whale 40 oz of beer
bastardiar to have sex outside of marriage
birula bicycle
bobo foolish
bronca drama fighting
bubis boobs
buena onda cool
cabrón jerk, asshole, bastard
cagar to become frightened to mess up to shit to shit to shit
cagarla to mess something up
caguama 940 ml beer bottle
calabazo big butt
calenturiento horny
calmate relax (imperative)
calzonsuelto easy loose slutty
camionzote big or long bus
canijo brat smart ass
canton house pad apartment garage
carajo damnit
chafa cheap poor quality
chamaco child
chamba job work
chaqueta jacket jerk off
chavala punk, coward, traitor
chavo dude guy
chela beer
Chicano Mexican-American
chichis women's breasts
chido cool
chiflado show-off spoiled brat know it all
Chilango a citizen of Mexico City
Chilangolandia Mexico City
chilito little penis
chinga dang damnit
chingadera piece of crap
chingar to fuck to fuck with
chingo a large amount of something
chingon stud bad-ass macho man
chisme gossip
Chocalas Give me high-five
chocho vagina
cholo thug, gangster mixed amerindian-european racial decent
chueco not positioned right sideways
chula pretty beautiful
chupar to suck to drink alcohol excessively to drink heavily
churro a marijuana cigarette good looking
codo bend knee elbow stingy or cheap
concha shell pussy vagina vagina
coño vagina pussy
cuico police officer
culear to have sex
culo butt ass
de pilón on top of it all
de Tepito counterfeit fake a bad copy
dedulces fingers
Defeño a resident of Mexico DF
desmadre a disaster
DF Mexico Distrito Federal
echar aguas to help out to look out to watch out, after
En la Madre! Oh crap!
enchufar to plug-in to have sex to hook up
estar crudo to have a hangover
estar pedo to be drunk or wasted
Felipe happy
filero shivl shank
fresa strawberry spoiled pampered
fresa sin crema to non-ironically imitate the wealthy
gallo a marijuana cigarette a joint cock of the walk
gorro condom
gorron party crasher
grifo faucet high from marijuana
guapo handsome handsome
güero light-skinned blonde-haired
güey idiot dude
Güey Pride Mexican Gay Pride march
hasta la madre to be fed up with
hierba marijuana
hijo de chorizo interjection or shock or surprise
hijo de la chingada You know this
hijo de puta son of a bitch
huevón lazy slow
huevos testicles testicles
jefe boss dad
jerga slang jargon vernacular
Jura warning that police are coming
lana money wool
let los buenos tiempos Let the good times roll
ligar to tie to hook up to hook up
madre mother bad
mamacita an attractive woman
mamada blow job
mamon jerk immature sucker
manga sleeve condom
marica homosexual
maricón derogatorily gay
marimacha lesbian butch
mayate dung beetle derogatory term for dark-skinned people
Merezco I deserve it
mocharse to share
mocho zealously religious
morro kid, dude
moserga gibberish
mota marijuana
mujeruca a bad woman
naco lower-class uncultured
narco drug trafficker druglord
narcocorrido drug-ballad hip-hop influenced music genre
neta truth the bottom-line ultimate
ni modo interjection of dismissiveness
no mames Don't mess around
no manches no way
obrar to take a shit
ojete anal orifice mean, bad person
órale right on right on cool
osea like, whatever
pacheco high from marijuana
padre cool father cool
padrote pimp manly
pan de dulce sexual achievements
panal A females front private part
pancho fuss problem
panocha pussy vulva
panzona pregnant
pedo fart fart fart drunk problem
pendejo a young fool jerk pubic hair
perra bitch
perron cool the man
petocha party girl loose sexually
piernuda a leggy woman
pinchar to puncture to sting to flirt to fornicate to sting
pinche damned
pipirisnais fancy to the point of being tacky
piruja slut whore
pispireto flirty
porfis please please
puñeta masturbation hand job
puta prostitute
puta madre son of a bitch
putazo A females front private part
puto faggot male prostitute fag
que huevos general exclamation good or bad
que oso embarrassing
que pedo what a shame too bad
qué pedo what's up
Qvo What's happening
sanjina used to describe prissy, bad-tempered girls
tamal dough filled with meat female genitals
Tijuas Tijuana
tipo guy type guy dude man guy dude man
tocada local band show
valedor really good friend
varo money
vato guy, dude, man
verga mast penis penis
¿Qué onda? What's up? What's goin' on?