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¡Órale! Learn the Mexican slang needed to speak like a Chilango verdadero. Warning: The vocabulary on this site is not abuela-friendly!

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thug, gangster; mixed amerindian-european racial decent

This is actually a very old word the Spaniards used to describe racially mixed children from the lower classes. Originally, it comes from the Aztec word "xolotl" which means dog. The Spaniards the transformed it to mean "mutt".

Today, "cholo" refers to hispanic thugs or gangsters. While it can have negative connotations like its historical meaning, it has mostly be re-appropriated and people use it to describe themselves.

It is often personified by khahki chino pants, white "wife-beaters", and button down flannel shirts.

You can also refer to a female as a "chola".

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